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Hanuman     Laxmi     Ram     Dhanvantari     Krishna     Ravana


To do or not to do. An inherent internal conflict. Who said Gods were immune to it? Watch Hanuman the Wind-God's son at his naughtiest best!


The fickle Goddess, Laxmi, reigns over wealth in all its forms, from money to progeny and courage to knowledge. Thats the Goddess you want on you side at all times. Difficult to please and easy to put off. What does she do when an obvious, annual human blunder comes to her notice?


A joyous day. Celebrations abound! Ram returns home after years of banishment and a tremendous war to rescue his kidnapped wife. Its a picture-perfect moment; Ram-Sita, virtuous brother Laxman and the ever loyal Hanuman, all aboard the Pushpak Vimana looking down at a celebrating population. Until...


The God of health NOT wealth arose from the churning of the great oceans, holding eternal life in his hands in the form of Amrut. In ancient India, Dhanvantari was regarded as a repository of cures for any and all ailments. Can his healing hands cure ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING?


The powerful demon Narakasura, truant son of Goddess Aditi has been a nuisance to the Gods in more than one way. Krishna and his wife set out to assassinate him. But is the Universe better-off with him alive?


The demon-king Ravana and his atrocities pale in comparison to what we do to ourselves in the name of festivities. Spare Ravana, kill the crackers!

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